Top 20 Explosive Reasons to Upgrade Mavic Mini to Mini 2

If you are looking for reasons to upgrade your DJI Mavic Mini to Mini 2. Look no further because I have my own top 20 reasons why you should do that. The DJI Mini 2 is a brand new foldable flycam drone that’s equipped with major upgrades and features.

It is also quickly becoming one of the best small drones for beginners and professional remote pilots. So if you are already flying big drones such as Xiaomi FIMI X8SE, Holy Stone HS720E and Potensic D68. You might want to reconsider upgrading to DJI Mini 2 drone.

Sure the Mini 2 is one of the fastest mini drone, it is ultraportable and lightweight, and it beats DJI Mavic Mini in comparison showdown guide. All of those above but let’s alone the top 20 reasons explain why you should upgrade to DJI Mini 2 drone right now.

1. Faster Flight Speed

One of the biggest upgrades that the DJI Mini 2 drone comes with is faster flight speed. The original DJI Mavic Mini has a maximum flight speed of 29 miles per hour. But the new DJI Mini 2 is capable of flying up to 36 miles per hour. Which makes it one of the fastest mini drones.

2. Can Record 4K UHD Videos

If you are a professional drone photographer but disappointed with the fact that Mavic Mini can’t record 4K UHD videos. You will be pleased with the DJI Mini 2 drone because it can record 4K UHD videos at 30 frames per second. Plus it comes with upgraded bitrate, up from 40MB/S to 100MB/S.

3. Improved Wind Resistance

When it comes to flying outdoors, the weather conditions are always going to be a factor. If the winds are too strong, it will most likely limit when you can fly the drone. The DJI Mini 2 drone comes with improved wind resistance that can withstand winds up to 24 miles per hour.

4. Longer Flight Time

Everyone loves to have a drone that can fly for a long time before having to recharge the battery. In fact, the original DJI Mavic Mini comes with a battery that provides up to 30 minutes of flight time. However, the new DJI Mini 2 drone comes with a battery which gives 31 minutes of flight time. It’s definitely longer and you will be staying airborne for most of the time.

5. Enhanced Camera Quality

In addition to 4K UHD camera capabilities, the DJI Mini 2 drone comes with some upgrades to the camera. While it is capable of capturing both stills and videos with great details. It takes advantage of improved color and lighting quality thanks to 1.2/3″ CMOS Sony Sensor.

Why Upgrade DJI Mavic Mini Drone

6. RAW Format File

To all professional drone photographers out there, I know how painful it must be to have a mini drone that does not have RAW format file capability. Which is why you need to upgrade to DJI Mini 2 drone right now because it can generate RAW format files for stills. Yes, it is small but you can do so much with that mini drone, creating masterpieces around the world.

7. Upgraded Transmission Signal

Another major upgrade that the DJI Mini 2 drone comes with is built-in OcuSync. The original DJI Mavic Mini uses enhanced Wi-Fi signal which isn’t reliable and tends to limit the strength of remote connection. The Mini 2 uses OcuSync 2.0 which is extremely reliable and proves to deliver powerful connection, even in cities where there is heavy Wi-Fi presence that ensures the drone is responsive to the flight controls input.

8. Improved Flight Range

The DJI Mini 2 drone comes with improved flight range. You can fly this little bird up to 10KM or 6.2 miles away. In fact, this upgrade is around two and half times more compared to the original DJI Mavic Mini. Which has a maximum remote flight range of 2.4 miles. Start flying longer, farther and more with the Mini 2 drone.

9. Lightweight

If you have flown big drones such as Mavic Pro or Phantom 4 Pro. You probably know how it must feel with a few extra pounds attached to your body when you bring them. The DJI Mini 2 drone weighs only 249 grams (or 0.549 lbs). It’s so lightweight that you will not even notice the mini drone exists.

10. No Registeration Required

That’s right, you do not need to register the DJI Mini 2 drone with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) at all. You also do not need to register the drone with any civil aviation authority in other countries. In fact, you can legally fly it anywhere you want to. More power to you.

Upgrade DJI Mini 2 Drone

11. Super Easy to Fly

If you are looking for an easy drone to start with. Then look no further. The DJI Mini 2 is incredibly easy to fly. The best part about this is you do not need to have any prior flight experience at all. Just pick up this drone, power on and start flying the bird. It is smart enough to maintain flight on its own, leaving most of the flight controls to you.

12. Smart Features

Thanks to built-in GPS + GLONASS module which enables smart features. The DJI Mini 2 drone comes with intelligent flight modes which you can choose from Follow Me Mode, Orbit Mode, TapFly Mode, Gesture Mode and more! Pick any of these intelligent flight modes and the DJI Mini 2 drone will perform these flights autonomously.

13. Beginner-Friendly

We all know how intimidating these big drones can be sometimes. Not the DJI Mini 2 drone at all! It’s so small and portable that everyone feels very comfortable with it. Whether you are a beginner or professional remote pilot, the DJI Mini 2 is a perfect foldable flycam drone to go.

14. Makes the Perfect Converstation Starter

The DJI Mini 2 drone is a great way to start a conversation. Especially if you are an introvert and don’t usually hang out with other people. It is a good way to build connections with other peoples who have similar interests as you do.

15. It’s Safe to Fly

Don’t get me wrong, the DJI Mini 2 is a very safe drone to fly for everyone. Adults and kids get the perk of smart safe features that this mini drone comes with. Thanks to sensors, the drone can detect objects and adjust its flight route accordingly. If you are flying outdoors, the drone will let you know if it needs to land due to high winds and likewise.

Upgrade DJI Mavic Mini to DJI Mini 2

16. Much Quieter

We all get that the drones are loud and sometimes that annoys the heck out of wildlife. If you want a drone that is quiet enough to let you soar over nature, the DJI Mini 2 drone is an excellent choice. In fact, it is 41% quieter compared to the DJI Mavic Air 2 — a big improvement.

17. Ton of Accessories

If you want to deck out your DJI Mini 2 drone with improvements. There’s an aftermarket for camera filter lens that adds effect to the stills. Plus you can get nightlamps to improve visibility and of course landing pad to keep your DJI Mini 2 drone clean. Be sure to check out our ultimate Mini 2 drone accessories and gears guide for beginners to get the complete package.

18. Same Design

Aside from all of these top 20 reasons, I like the DJI Mini 2 drone because it still retains the same design. I liked how the DJI Mavic Mini drone looked and I am happy that the drone manufacturer kept the design the same. The only thing that has changed is camera plus a lot of goodies from the inside.

19. Great for Multipurpose

One of the biggest reasons why you need to upgrade from DJI Mavic Mini to Mini 2 drone right now is simply because it can do everything. When you start off with your first drone, you will learn how to fly and master the basics of flight controls. By then, you can start making high-quality content like stills and videos. Which you can sell and make money with your drone. From beginner to intermediate to professional. All with this one mini drone.

20. Affordable Price Tag

Forget about these high-end drones with an expensive price tag. If you are looking for a smart camera drone that can produce 4K UHD footage, generate RAW format file, fly longer, fly further, and fly faster. You will absolutely love the DJI Mini 2 drone because it starts at an affordable price tag of $449. It is the perfect starter drone for beginners, travelers and professionals.

Reasons to Buy DJI Mini 2 Drone


And that’s my top 20 reasons why you should upgrade to DJI Mini 2 drone. It is literally one of the best drones for beginners, professionals and travelers. Enjoy peace of mind and hassle-free experience while complying to the drone laws, rules and regulations.

DJI have really outdone themselves with the all brand new Mini 2 drone. Now let’s see if they can do the same for DJI Spark 2 drone which is rumored for a potential release date sometime in Summer 2021. Let us know what you think of the new DJI Mini 2 drone in the comment section below. Happy flying and fly smart!

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