Top 5 Best Drone Brands for Beginners

Are you new to flying drones but not sure which is the best drone brand to pick up your first quadcopter? If you are like me when I first started shopping around for my mini-sized quadcopter. Then you will find this guide to finding the best drone brands to shop for your first and next quadcopter useful and informative.

There’s so many drones to choose from. But did you know that not all of them are great. In fact, there are some drone brands you should just avoid because they aren’t worth your time and money for the level of quality that they have to offer. Which is why I assembled top 5 best drone brands to help beginners like you make the right decision when it comes to drone shopping.

All of these top 5 best drone brands that I am going to share with you are the highest quality out of all. They have several years of experience producing exceptional drones from toy category to professional category. Regardless of your flight experience, budget expectation, and preferences. You will find the perfect quadcopter from one of these top 5 best drone brands for beginners. That being said, let’s find out what these drone brands have to offer for you.

Best Drone Brand DJI

One of the top 5 best drone brands is DJI. This drone manufacturer was founded in 2006 by CEO and Founder, Frank Wang. DJI is well known for crafting high-quality and professional camera drones such as Mavic 2 Pro and more recently Mini 2. If you are a beginner or professional aerial photographer, you will have no hard time finding the perfect drone from the DJI store.

Though, the only downside is that the DJI drones is a bit more expensive compared to other drone brands. But that’s the price you are paying for a smart camera drone with advanced technology like obstacle avoidance sensors, long flight time, big flight range and tons of features. Below is a list of our favorite DJI drones for beginners.

Best Drone Brands Holy Stone

Another great drone brand that I highly recommend checking out for beginners and recreational remote pilots is Holy Stone. Personally I own (and have owned before) some of their drones such as Holy Stone HS720E, HS510 and HS175. I have not been disappointed with the level of quality and service that Holy Stone provides. In fact, they provide one of the best customer service anyone can ask for.

Whether it is the drone having an issue or you needing extra kit like propellers, batteries and such. You can rely on Holy Stone’s exceptional customer service to provide support that you need. Their drones are also very high-quality. They have been making quite a steady progression on transforming their drones to high-end quality and it is possible we might see them becoming a very strong competitor to DJI soon. Below is a list of best Holy Stone drones for beginners.

Best Drone Brands Snaptain

Snaptain is one of the best drone brands that is quickly becoming a very popular choice among beginners and recreational remote pilots. This drone brand is well known for crafting drones with long flight time. They also specialize in various categories from toy drones to camera drones. So it is no wonder that Snaptain have a big audience base who are loyal to this drone brand.

Whether you are looking for a toy drone just to get started with the basics of flight or learning how to master the basics of aerial photography. Snaptain has everything you need to get started and will definitely have drones that teach how to fly your first flight. This drone brand also has earned a reputation for stellar customer service and strong aftermarket support. Anytime when you need extra batteries or a crash kit, you can rely on Snaptain. Below is a list of the best Snaptain drones for beginners.

Best Drone Brands Eachine

Eachine is one of my favorite drone brands. It is also a very old and deeply popular drone brand that has earned a reputation for crafting high-quality DJI Mavic drone clones for beginners and recreational remote pilots. While they do make great toy drones and camera drones. Eachine also specializes in racing drones which caters specifically to FPV drone pilots.

Eachine was established in 2013 in the United States and is one of the leading toy RC industries. Whether you are looking for a simple, yet fun drone to fly around. You will find out that these Eachine drones have the best overall flight time, long flight range, and often come with built-in GPS modules for smart flight experience. Plus they are feature-heavy, which means these Eachine drones are very safe to fly and have a lot of cool features to keep you busy.

Best Drone Brands Tomzon

If you want to look for a different drone brand, then look no further. Because Tomzon is one of the best drone brands that is quickly earning a reputation for crafting high-quality drones that customers love. Tomzon was founded as of recently in 2019. Their drone selection is somewhat limited, but expanding at a steady pace as they continue to deliver great quality drones that customers are looking for.

Some of my favorite drones like the Tomzon D25 look similar to one of these popular DJI drones. Which is great if you are a big fan of DJI drones, but want to find alternatives that are affordable and budget-friendly. That is where you will want to go to Tomzon because their drones are affordable and budget-friendly. Best of all, their drones are very good quality. Great for getting started with your first quadcopter. Below is a list of the best Tomzon drones for beginners.

Top 5 Best Drone Brands for Beginners: Conclusion

Best Drone Brands for Beginners

That’s all folks. I hope you found our top 5 best drone brands for beginners useful and informative. If you have any questions about one of these best drone brands or thought of a brand that should be included in the list. Let us know in the comment section below.

As I mentioned before, there are a lot of drones to choose from. Not all of them are great and we certainly don’t recommend every drone. As the drone technology evolves, the drones will get better with longer flight time, smaller, compact, and consumer-friendly.

Undoubtedly, these top 5 best drone brands are among the most popular choices for consumers to shop their quadcopters. They also have quite several products lined up for the next coming years. Anytime you want to buy one of these drones, you can rely on these top 5 best drone brands to get a high-quality quadcopter.

Lastly, if you want to explore alternative drones that focus on specific types such as long flight time, intelligent flight modes and more. I have assembled a list of drone guides that you can check out to see what other drones we recommend for beginners and recreational remote pilots.

Stay tuned for more drone news, guides, reviews and deals at Dronesfy. Happy flying and fly smart!

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