Tomzon D30 Drone Review: Best Camera Drone Under $200

Tomzon D30 Drone Review: Best Camera Drone Under $200
Tomzon D30 Drone Review: Best Camera Drone Under $200

Hello and welcome to my Tomzon D30 drone review. Are you looking to buy a smart camera drone under $300. If so then you have come to the right place because in our Tomzon D30 drone review, we are going to explain everything you need to know about this foldable quadcopter.

Drones have surged in popularity and more people are getting their hands on these flying gadgets. According to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the government agency stated that the total number of unmanned aerial vehicles is projected to grow from 1.2 million to 1.4 million. The drones only have been around for a few years, yet they are popular because it’s super easy to fly one of them like the Tomzon D30 quadcopter.

Of course, there are plenty of drones to choose from such as the popular Holy Stone HS720E and Potensic D68. Even a list of best DJI Mavic drone clones to choose from will go along well. That being said, is the Tomzon D30 the right drone pick for you? Let’s find out in this review!

Tomzon D30 Drone: Package Contents

Inside the package, you should expect to get the following items when you buy a Tomzon D30 drone. While you will have everything you need to get started with flying, I highly recommend purchasing a 32GB microSD card so that you can record videos and photos to it.

Tomzon D30 Camera Drone

Inside the package contents:

  • 1 x Tomzon D30 Drone
  • 1 x Remote Controller
  • 1 x Drone Battery
  • 1 x Battery Charger
  • 2 x Extra Propellers
  • 1 x User Manual

Tomzon D30 Drone: Design & Build Quality

At first glance, the Tomzon D30 drone comes with jet black coating that looks stylish. The body design is sleek and compact that comfortable fits inside an adult’s palm of hand. The Tomzon D30 drone’s unique design helps it stand out the most from the rest of other drones. It’s small, portable and foldable that makes super easy for you to store inside a traveling case or backpack.

Tomzon D30 Camera Drone Review

Each motor arm is completely foldable. Though, the Tomzon D30 drone is equipped with brushed motors. Brushless motor drones like DEERC D15 and Aovo Wolvy Pro in general come with a much stronger flight performance. The Tomzon D30 drone uses a modularized battery that provides long flight time up to 17 minutes. The battery is easy to remove and comes with fast charging technology.

To power on the drone, simply push the power button on the back and it will flash up. The camera is located at the front, which features 4K UHD camera capabilities. But do not get confused merely by the ability to shoot 4K footage. The Tomzon D30 drone can capture 4K UHD still but record videos in 1080P HD resolution setting. Beginners who have never flown a drone before will find the Tomzon D30 quadcopter easy, durable and sturdy.

Tomzon D30 Drone: Flight Performance

One of the most important parts is the flight performance. Before you get your hands on one of these smart camera drones, you need to know how well they perform and whether they are beginner-friendly. The Tomzon D30 drone in general performs well thanks to the built-in GPS module. Which gives the drone ability to obtain precise positioning.

Tomzon D30 Smart Camera Drone Review

This means the majority of manual flight controls such as balancing stability and navigating the drone is minimized. I like this because it gives beginners like you more flight time. That way you can focus on flying more and get the most out of it. While the Tomzon D30 drone isn’t equipped with brushless motors, it does pack quite some serious flight performance thanks to a modularized battery for power efficiency.

A single battery provides up to 17 minutes of flight time. Realistically, you will be able to fly a Tomzon D30 drone for around 15 minutes to account for the time spent powering the quadcopter and keeping some juice for emergency landing. Additionally, you can fly the Tomzon D30 drone up to 300 meters away which is plenty of flying space to soar around.

Tomzon D30 Drone: Camera Quality

If you are thinking of becoming an aerial photographer someday in the future. Maybe you will like to become a remote pilot and fly premium drones such as Mavic Air 2 or Phantom 4 Pro. Then you need to start somewhere small like the Tomzon D30 drone. That way you can learn the basics of flight controls and aerial photography.

Tomzon D30 Camera Drone Quality

Since the Tomzon D30 drone is equipped with a GPS module, you can adjust the camera remotely. Which gives you a big advantage in adjusting the aerial perspective to capture in a certain way as you would like. Furthermore, you will be able to gain full aerial imaging from the drone directly to your smartphone. Just simply connect the drone via app.

The quality of the camera for the Tomzon D30 drone is actually pretty good. You can capture 4K UHD stills on this drone. Though if you are looking to produce 4K videos, this drone can’t do that. Do not forget to mention that the Tomzon D30 drone does not have built-in gimbal stabilizer — only electronic imaging stabilization. For aspiring professionals, it might be a bit disappointing but that’s what you should expect for an entry-level camera drone at this price.

Tomzon D30 Drone: Features

Believe it or not, the Tomzon D30 drone is packed with tons of features. At first glance, you might think this drone does not have a lot of features because it’s compact and portable. But with GPS module integration, the Tomzon D30 drone can do a lot of things such as performing intelligent flight modes and Smart Return to home, ensuring it arrives home safely.

Tomzon D30 Smart Camera Drone

Beginners and recreational remote pilots will absolutely love the Tomzon D30 drone. You can tell this foldable camera drone to set on follow anywhere you go. If you want to capture 360-degree videos of an interesting building or object, why not do it with the Tomzon D30 drone? Besides, there’s several features you should also take advantage of: altitude hold and headless mode.

For beginners, headless mode might sound a bit strange. But it reorients the flight controls from drone to the remote controller, making it easy to fly the bird. Additionally, there’s a speed mode that you can adjust to develop and hone your piloting skill. At first the speed of the Tomzon D30 drone will be set to slow. Once you feel confident enough, you can adjust the speed setting to fast as you want to experience the thrill of flight.

Tomzon D30 Drone: Remote Controller

Before we conclude our in-depth Tomzon D30 drone review, let’s talk about the remote controller. Tomzon is a relatively new drone brand and while it is not surprising that they have crafted some really good drones for beginners. Especially the Tomzon D30 drone which comes with a nice, sleek remote controller design. It features jet black coating that provides a professional appearance which matches nicely with the Tomzon D30 drone.

Tomzon D30 Remote Controller

The Tomzon D30 remote controller features foldable antennas, a foldable technology that was first introduced by one of those DJI drones, the Mavic Pro. Which allows you to fold the remote controller to create additional space and makes it easy to take with you on a trip. These antennas are real and provides range boost for the Tomzon D30 drone. On the front user interface comes with a mount holder which allows you to insert your personal smartphone onto it.

Personally I like how this remote controller comes with a mount holder on the top that brings you closer to the sky. The Tomzon D30 transmitter is simple, yet easy enough that a beginner with no prior flight experience will have an easy time learning how to fly this drone. The control sticks are used to pilot the Tomzon D30 drone. Additionally, the buttons on lower middle are quick-access from Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, Smart Return to Home and even Speed Mode.

Tomzon D30 Review: Conclusion

To wrap up our in-depth Tomzon D30 drone review, I think this is a really good quadcopter. It has the best looking and comes with tons of features like foldable motor arms, intelligent flight modes, and smart return to home function. If you are a beginner just starting off and want a good drone to learn the basics, the Tomzon D30 drone is the perfect choice to start with.

Tomzon D30 Drone Review

Not to forget to mention how incredibly easy it is to fly this bird thanks to the built-in GPS module. Start flying and enjoy capturing beautiful aerial shots with the Tomzon D30 drone today. Let us know if you have any questions about this little foldable quadcopter in the comment section below. If you are wondering how to buy a drone, this guide will teach you how to do that. Happy flying and fly safe!

8.5 Total Score
Editor's Review

The Tomzon D30 drone has the best looking and comes with ton of features like foldable motor arms, intelligent flight modes, and smart return to home function. If you are a beginner just starting off and want a good drone to learn the basics, the Tomzon D30 drone is the perfect choice to start with.

  • Stylish design.
  • Compact & portable.
  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Good flight performance.
  • Affordable, budget-friendly.
  • Built-in GPS capability.
  • Not equipped with brushless motors.
  • No 4K UHD video capability.
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