Sanrock U52 Review: Best Toy Drone for Beginners

Sanrock U52 Review: Best Toy Drone for Beginners
Sanrock U52 Review: Best Toy Drone for Beginners

One of the best toy drones to buy right now for beginners is the Sanrock U52. This entry-level drone comes packed with a 720P HD camera and a battery that provides a flight time up to 13 minutes. If you are looking around to buy the best toy quadcopter right now, the Sanrock U52 drone is definitely one of our top picks.

Entry-level drones like the Sanrock U52 are awesome for beginners because they are affordable and provide the training that you need to learn how to fly. These drones have become more and more easy to fly thanks to smart and responsive remote controllers.

I assembled an in-depth Sanrock U52 drone review to help guide you through all the details that you need to know about this quadcopter. Of course, there are plenty of drones out there in the market, but is this entry-level camera drone the right pick for you.

Stick around with us to read through our in-depth Sanrock U52 review to find out if you should buy this camera drone. At the end of this blog post, you will be able to make the final decision whether to buy or not. Without further ado, let’s get the propellers spinning.

Sanrock U52 Drone: Package Contents

A nice way of introducing you to the Sanrock U52 drone is getting to know what comes in the package. This will tell you what is included and what we recommend you to purchase along with the camera drone. Having all the accessories and gears that you need will get you to fly this little bird right out of the box.

Sanrock U52 Drone Review

When you receive the package, expect to get these following package contents:

  • 1 x Sanrock U52 Drone
  • 1 x Remote Controller
  • 1 x Battery
  • 4 x Extra Propellers
  • 4 x Protection Frames
  • 1 x Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Screwdriver

Sanrock U52 Drone: Design and Build Quality

My first impression with the Sanrock U52 is the expert craftsmanship and high-quality material which is used to construct the drone’s body framework. This quadcopter is made with durable and thick ABS plastic that provides superior protection against crashes and rough impacts.

Each motor arm is outfitted with brushed motors, which is actually cheap but doesn’t provide the same performance level as brushless motors. The brushless motors are typically found on smart camera drones like Holy Stone HS720E and Potensic D68 for instance.

Sanrock U52 Review Drone

On the front of the Sanrock U52 drone is where the 720P HD camera is located at. The battery can be found on the back and provides up to 13 minutes of flight time. The LED lights can be found under each motor arms. Its purpose is to provide visual assistance for positioning during the day and night flight.

To power on this camera drone, simply press the power button on the top and hold for two seconds. You will see the lights flashing on as the drone powers on. Once the lights turn solid, which indicates the connection has been established with the remote controller.

I liked how the Sanrock U52 drone comes with a jet white coating on the top and dark grey coating on the bottom half. It does certainly look cool and impressive. Overall, the design and build quality for this camera drone is solid thanks to an exceptionally tough and sturdy framework for improved durability.

Sanrock U52 Drone: Flight Performance

The Sanrock U52 is a relatively lightweight drone, weighing far less compared to DJI Mavic Mini. While you can fly this camera drone outdoors, it won’t be able to handle moderate to heavy winds easily because of its low weight and less power output compared to said Ruko U11 drone.

Sanrock U52 Camera Drone

Each battery charge provides up to 13 minutes of flight time. Although, you will be able to fly it realistically for 11 to 12 minutes. This is to account in the time it takes to power on the drone and at least some battery juice for landing and other emergencies.

The Sanrock U52 drone can be remote controlled up to 320 feet away. If you want to fly this camera drone in FPV mode then it has a maximum transmission distance of 96 feet. While it does not have a lot of flying space, it does make the drone an ideal choice for soaring outdoors such as parks.

Sanrock U52 Drone: Remote Controller

One of the most important performance factors is controllability and how reliable this camera drone is. If you are new to the world of drones and have never flown one before, you will definitely want to know if it is easy to fly the Sanrock U52 or not.

Flying the Sanrock U52 drone is actually very easy and straightforward. It comes with a remote controller that is simple and easy to understand. Each button has an inscription that tells you what it exactly does. By default, this camera drone will be at its slowest speed setting.

Sanrock U52 Drone Remote Controller

However, you can always adjust the speed setting to high as you develop and improve your piloting skill. The drone responds to the remote controller fast and piloting it is absolutely breeze. Unlike smart camera drones, the Sanrock U52 uses an optical flow positioning system to maintain stability.

Out of all these drones that I have reviewed, the Sanrock U52 drone has one of the best looking remote controller. It maintains a very simple design that is comfortable enough to hold. In addition to that, the Sanrock U52 remote controller have a built-in mount holder that you can insert your personal smartphone. Essentially transforming the remote controller into a real-time video screen that keeps you informed of the Sanrock U52 drone and its status.

Sanrock U52 Drone: Features

Even though this camera drone is small and fits in an adult’s hand, it still comes with ton of features. The Sanrock U52 drone can perform 360-degree aerial flips to impress your audience. Furthermore, it has speed mode that gives you the ability to fine-tune throughout the flight mission.

Sanrock U52 Drone Features

But there is also a slew number of safety features. For instance, this camera drone has a built-in alarm system that notifies you if it is out of range. Plus, if the battery is getting low, the remote controller will make a beeping noise that tells you the drone will need to land soon.

While the Sanrock U52 drone doesn’t have a built-in GPS module, it is capable of performing intelligent flight mode like TapFly. You tap on a location on your phone screen and the drone will fly over there. There are also a multitude of ways to control this camera drone aside from using your smartphone’s virtual sticks or piloting based on gravity sensors.

Sanrock U52 Drone: Camera Quality

In the next part of our in-depth Sanrock U52 drone review, we are going to talk about this quadcopter’s camera quality. If you are new to world of drones, you will definitely want to start with one of these easy drones for beginners like the Sanrock U52. This little bird is packed with built-in 720P HD camera that is affixed on the main airframe.

Sanrock U52 Drone Camera

It is capable of recording videos up to 720P HD resolution as well for stills. When the Sanrock U52 drone flies around, the camera tilts along with the body. If you are looking for camera drone that can maintain steady footage at the same level, you will be better off checking out these DJI drones such as DJI Mini 2 for instance.

Though, as a beginner you will be table to take advantage of Sanrock U52 drone’s superior flight performance along with good camera quality. This drone will teach you how to master the basics of aerial photography. At the same time, you will learn how to fly a drone which is a skill you need to become proficient at.

Sanrock U52 Review: Conclusion

To conclude our in-depth Sanrock U52 review, this is definitely one of the best toy drones that beginners should buy. If you are looking for an affordable toy drone to learn how to fly and capture aerial shots, the Sanrock U52 is on our top list for entry-level quadcopters.

Sanrock U52 Review

But for more serious aerial photographers and professionals, you will probably want to check out our top camera drones for professionals as they are better suited for commercial purposes. Other than that, the Sanrock U52 is my favorite drone due to its good flight performance and packed with tons of features.

What do you think of this camera drone and do you have any experience flying it? Share with us in the comment section below. Happy flying and fly smart with Sanrock U52 drone!

8.5 Total Score
Editor's Review

The Sanrock U52 drone is simple, affordable, and packed with ton of features that keeps yourself busy. It is also one of the best starter drones that will teach you how to fly and capture aerial shots, a stepping stone that eventually leads you to one of these premium-graded camera drones. We highly recommend Sanrock U52 camera drone for beginners and recreational remote pilots.

  • Good flight performance.
  • Incredible affordable.
  • Easy to fly for beginners.
  • Perfect entry-level drone for training.
  • Good battery lifetime.
  • Stylish design.
  • Limited remote control distance.
  • Doesn't fare well in moderate to heavy winds.
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  2. I love my Sanrock U52! It’s been a good machine to learn on!

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