Potensic Dreamer Review: Best 4K UHD Camera Drone for Beginners

Potensic Dreamer Review: Best 4K UHD Camera Drone for Beginners
Potensic Dreamer Review: Best 4K UHD Camera Drone for Beginners

Meet Potensic Dreamer, one of the most advanced 4K UHD camera drones at an affordable price tag for beginners. If you are a big fan of professional drones such as Mavic Mini and Mavic Air 2 but couldn’t afford to buy them. Then the Potensic Dreamer is a great alternative option thanks to its amazing aerial capabilities and performance.

I assembled an in-depth Potensic Dreamer review to guide you through all the details that you need to know about this drone. In this review, we will talk about this camera drone’s build and design quality, features, flight performance, and more. At the end of the Potensic Dreamer review, you will be able to decide whether to buy this drone.

While there are ton of high-quality drones that we recommend checking out at Dronesfy such as Holy Stone HS720E and Ruko U11. Some of you might prefer a fixed-wing drone over foldable drones. A fixed wing drone usually is heavier and comes with extended landing gears that protect its competence including a camera from tiny particles on the ground.

The Potensic Dreamer only has been out for a while, yet it is quickly becoming a very popular drone. What exactly makes this flying gadget one of the best 4K UHD camera drones for beginner and recreational remote pilots? Stick around with us to find out why we recommended the Potensic Dreamer drone.

Potensic Dreamer Drone: Package Contents

Before we dive deep in our Potensic Dreamer review, you need to know what to expect inside the package contents. The drone itself is already a standalone and comes with everything you need to start flying right out of the box. However, if you want to further increase flight time, you need to purchase additional batteries. Not to forget to mention that it’s highly recommended to purchase a 64GB microSD card to go with this drone.

Potensic Dreamer 4K UHD Camera Drone

Inside the package, you should get the following items:

  • 1 x Potensic Dreamer 4K Drone
  • 1 x Transmitter
  • 1 x Drone Battery
  • 1 x AC Cable
  • 6 x Propellers
  • 1 x Drone Charger
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

Potensic Dreamer Drone: Design and Build Quality

The Potensic Dreamer drone comes in jet white coating that gives out a professional appearance. The body framework features sleek and aerodynamic design that allows the Dreamer drone to flow in the skies with ease. It is definitely a big design change from most of the drones in the consumer market.

Each motor arm is outfitted with brushless motors that generate high revolution per minute (RPM). The brushless motors don’t break apart that easily and are low maintenance compared to brushed motor drones like Sanrock U52 and Dragon Touch DF10G. Not only that brushless motors are more durable, it draws in less power which lets the Potensic Dreamer stay airborne for much longer time.

Potensic Dreamer Drone

The material that is used to craft this high-quality drone is made of thick and durable ABS plastic. That provides resistance against rough impacts and crashes, which is a big win for beginners who have never flown a drone before but need a crashproof quadcopter. Underneath the drone’s main body is a 4K UHD camera mounted on a gimbal stabilizer.

Some more advanced camera drones such as Mavic Mini and Mavic Air 2 are equipped with 3-axis gimbal stabilizer that ensures smooth and fluid footage. The Potensic Dreamer’s camera utilizes Sony Sensor for rich and vibrant footage quality. The gimbal stabilizer is 2-axis on both yaw and pitch — but not roll. Regardless, it still gives Potensic Dreamer an advantage in aerial photography especially for beginners who want to learn how to capture aerial shots.

Potensic Dreamer Drone: Flight Performance

One of the most important part in our in-depth Potensic Dreamer review is flight performance. When it comes to checking out drones, we often ask ourselves how well a drone performs. The Potensic Dreamer is already an exceptional drone with superior flight performance. This drone weights 1.68 lbs which provides a natural resistance against winds.

Potensic Dreamer 4K UHD Drone

Additionally, the Potensic Dreamer is equipped with brushless motors which of course generates high RPM. Because of this, it helps the drone deliver a much smoother and performance packed in a diversified weather condition. Not only that, the drone is integrated with a GPS module which obtains precise positioning and automatically makes intelligent decisions.

With both GPS module and brushless motors, the Potensic Dreamer is able to draw in less power, which extends its total flight time to 31 minutes (much longer flight time compared to say, Ruko U11 and Snaptain SP510). Furthermore, you can fly the Potensic Dreamer up to 800 meters away. While it is not a lot of flying space to soar around, the long flight time allows you to master the basics of aerial photography and produce high-quality FPV modes.

Potensic Dreamer Drone: Controllability

Another important factor that you should also consider is controllability and reliability of a drone. As I mentioned before that the Potensic Dreamer drone uses GPS to obtain data for precise positioning. Flying this camera drone is absolutely a grace even for beginners who have never flown one before. The built-in GPS module eliminates the majority of manual controls.

Beginners also will love this camera drone for a number of reasons. First of all, the Potensic Dreamer has speed settings that enable a smooth learning curve. When you get this drone for the first time, it will be set on the slowest speed so that you can learn the rope. By then you have gained enough piloting experience, you can adjust the speed settings to further hone and develop your flight skill.

Potensic Dreamer Drone Review

Secondly, the remote controller is straightforward. The levers and buttons are designed to be simple and easy enough for a beginner to learn the basics of flight. The remote controller also can be extended outwards to add your smartphone to gain access to additional features like capture shots and record videos.

Lastly, the camera can be operated remotely. Thanks to the built-in GPS module, you can adjust the camera settings and tilt in the direction that you would like to capture via remote controller and through your smartphone. The ability to adjust camera remotely means you can view in any direction easily without having to land and tweak manually as you normally would with toy drones.

Potensic Dreamer Drone: Features

The Potensic Dreamer is packed with tons of features, mainly intelligent flight modes and the ability to fly autonomously. Just like every other smart camera drone, the Potensic Dreamer drone gives you the ability to set it on Follow Me Mode. Select a subject or object that you would like the drone to follow and it will track whenever they go.

In addition to that, you can take your creativity to the next level by incorporating 360-degree Orbit Mode for aerial videos. Capture interesting landmarks or a full turnaround of a massive cruise ship. You also can control the Potensic Dreamer through Gesture Mode, which utilizes hand motion to commander the drone. It is a nice addition and an alternative option to remote controllers and smartphones.

Potensic Dreamer Camera Drone

Aside from these intelligent flight modes, the Potensic Dreamer have a number of safety flight features. One of my personal favorite features is Smart Return to Home. Basically, the drone marks its takeoff point and if you happen to lose sight of the drone. All you have to do is push the Smart Return to Home button. The drone will fly several meters upwards and fly back home in a direct line.

With a smartphone inserted on the remote controller, you will be able to access an additional number of features such as wind velocity warning, out of range alarm, low power alarm and more. The Potensic Dreamer itself is pretty easy and simple, given the fact that it can launch and land automatically using a one-key button. These features are designed to make it easy enough for beginners to fly right away.

Potensic Dreamer Drone: Camera Quality

In the next part of our in-depth Potensic Dreamer review, we are going to talk about the camera quality for this drone. If you are an avid drone photographer, you will want to have your hands on a really good camera drone such as the Xiaomi FIMI X8SE and Mini 2 for instance. The Potensic Dreamer is equipped with a 1.2/3″ CMOS sensor which captures 13MP stills in 4KUHD resolution quality. It is also capable of recording 2.7K HD video resolution at 30 frames per second.

Potensic Dreamer Smart Camera Drone

Unlike these smart camera drones such as Holy Stone HS720E and DEERC D15, the Potensic Dreamer takes advantage of featuring 3-axis gimbal stabilizer to deliver a smooth, stabilized and steady footage. The camera remains in the same spot using intelligent system that adjusts the positioning throughout the flight operations.

The color and lighting quality that the Potensic Dreamer drone captures is breathtaking for beginners and recreational remote pilots. If you are looking for a good camera drone to learn the basics of aerial photography. The Potensic Dreamer is serious a good camera drone. At the price tag that this big bird is going for, it definitely beat some of the most popular contenders in the same price range.

Potensic Dreamer Drone: Remote Controller

Lastly, we are going to talk about the remote controller. At first glance, the Potensic Dreamer remote controller comes with jet white coating. The user interface is simple with very few buttons. Yet it is super easy enough that a beginner with no prior flight experience will be able to pick this drone up and start flying with ease.

One of the remote controller’s advantage is the compact and portable design. You can adjust how wide you want the Potensic Dreamer remote controller to be in order to fit your personal smartphone. Essentially, the remote controller is acting as a mount holder and Potensic has done a good job by keeping it simple. Once you link your personal smartphone to the Potensic Dreamer, you can view real-time video. Which you can use that information to capture stills and even record videos.

Potensic Dreamer Remote Controller

Both control sticks are used to pilot the Potensic Dreamer. The right control stick commands how fast you want to fly the drone. While on the left side, the control stick adjusts the height level and rotates the drone. To power on the Potensic Dreamer transmitter, simply push and hold the button. After a few seconds, you will see LED lights activated which tells you how much battery juice it has left inside.

The normal operating time for a Potensic Dreamer remote controller lasts between 2 to 3 hours. That gives you plenty of time to fly the drone around with several drone batteries before the remote controller has to be recharged. On the lower left side is where the safety functions are located at. You can recall the Potensic Dreamer drone with a quick tap and can do the same for switching the speed mode.

Potensic Dreamer Review: Conclusion

In conclusion of our in-depth Potensic Dreamer review, I highly recommend this camera drone. Sure, it doesn’t have a foldable design that other camera drones do. But it’s certainly a bit more heavier and comes with powerful flight performance that allows the drone to fly in moderate to heavy winds with ease. The Potensic Dreamer as its name suggests is the ultimate drone for outdoor flying and aerial photography.

Potensic Dreamer Review

Its built-in 4K UHD camera is master at producing high-quality and vibrant aerial shots. The drone also records video on 2.7K resolution quality at 30 frames per second. Not only does this camera drone have awesome photo quality and flight performance, it is also the easiest fixed-wing quadcopter for beginners. The flight controls are simple and comes with an inscription on it that tells you what they do.

At the price tag that Potensic Dreamer is going for, it’s one of the best drones for beginners and professional remote pilots. If you are still unsure, you can explore our massive camera drones section to see what we recommend. Let us know if you have any questions about the Potensic Dreamer drone by commenting in the comment section below. Happy flying, fly smart and stay tuned for more drone reviews, news, and guides at Dronesfy.

9 Total Score
Editor's Review

The Potensic is simple, yet innovative with amazing camera and good flight time. Beginners will have an easy time flying this smart camera drone thanks to built-in GPS module that enables the drone to fly more intelligently. In addition to that, the Potensic Dreamer also have a number of safety features that allows it to fly seamless without any issues. It is absolutely one of the best camera drones at an affordable price tag -- a great drone to start with for beginners and professional remote pilots.

  • Crafted with high-quality and durable framework.
  • Impressive 4K UHD camera.
  • Built-in gimbal stabilizer for smooth footages.
  • Good flight time.
  • Super easy for beginners to learn how to fly.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Comes packed with ton of features.
  • Remote control distance range could be improved a bit more.
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