Holy Stone HS720E Review: Best 4K Smart Camera Drone

Holy Stone HS720E Review: Best 4K Smart Camera Drone
Holy Stone HS720E Review: Best 4K Smart Camera Drone

One of the best 4K smart camera drones to check out right now is the Holy Stone HS720E. This sturdy foldable camera drone comes with a major camera upgrade, longer flight time, and several new features over its predecessor, the Holy Stone HS720.

If you are looking for a smart camera drone that can record footage at 4K resolution quality without image vibration and a flight time long enough for you to capture stunning aerial shots at an affordable price tag. Stick with us and dive in our Holy Stone HS720E review to find out if this is the drone for you.

Smart camera drones that record at 4K UHD resolution quality have become affordable over the recent years. It is not surprising that Holy Stone, a Chinese-based drone manufacturer that has been crafting high-quality drones for several years, is being marketed at a relatively affordable price.

Beginners and new drone pilots looking for a high-quality foldable quadcopter that is easy to fly can withstand rough impacts, and comes with tons of features for the bang of bucks will definitely love the Holy Stone HS720E drone.

In our Holy Stone HS720E review, we will cover all the aspects that you need to know about this smart camera drone. Without further ado, let’s find out if this is the best drone deal for you.

9.5 Total Score
Editor's Review

Holy Stone HS720E Drone is packed with stellar flight time, range, features, and performance. In addition to that, it is equipped with smart system which makes the drone super easy and simple even a beginner with no flight experience will be able to fly. This smart camera drone is very popular among consumers and we highly recommend it.

  • Good flight time.
  • Crafted with durable material.
  • Foldable and compact design.
  • Improved 4K camera resolution quality.
  • Built-in EIS system for smoother footage.
  • Upgraded 5G Wi-Fi signal for precise flight.
  • Comes with an extra battery included.
  • Remote control distance could be slightly improved.
User Rating: 5 (2 votes)

Holy Stone HS720E Drone: Package Contents

Before we dive deep into the Holy Stone HS720E drone review, you need to know what is inside the package first. Holy Stone has a reputation for adding a second battery to extend the drone’s flight time including a mini travel case to keep all of the accessories and remote controller.

This isn’t surprising since the Holy Stone HS720E drone comes with two batteries, a mini travel case to bring the drone and its accessories, and a smart remote controller. That being said, this drone is the ultimate beginner’s choice because it comes with everything you need to get started, safe and fun.

Holy Stone HS720E Drone

Inside the package contents, you should expect to get the following items:

  • 1 x Holy Stone HS720E Drone
  • 1 x Remote Controller
  • 2 x Batteries
  • 4 x Extra Propellers
  • 1 x USB Charger Cable
  • 1 x Charger Hub
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
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Holy Stone HS720E Drone: Design and Build Quality

On the first impression, the Holy Stone HS720E looks to be a very sturdy camera drone. The body framework features high-quality ABS plastic combined with aluminum that improves the drone’s durability and makes it resistant to breaking apart.

Each motor arm is foldable. The Holy Stone HS720E drone when folded is small enough to be stored inside your traveling backpack or the mini case that comes within the package. When this drone is unfolded, the total body size dimension extends to 13.3 x 9.5 x 2.3 inches.

Holy Stone HS720E Package Contents

The battery is located at the back and is modularized for easy replacement. In addition to that, the modularized design allows the battery to provide more power at a lower consumption rate which allows a much longer flight time up to 23 minutes per charge.

Though, the most important upgrade is the camera. The Holy Stone HS720E drone comes with an all-new 4K camera that can shoot and record footage at true 4K resolution quality. Furthermore, it is equipped with Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) which eliminates shakiness when recording footage on the go.

Design-wise, this is a very sturdy drone packed with tons of upgrades such as longer flight time, better camera quality, and precise imaging. It is also equipped with brushless motors for a long performance, less maintenance, and quieter noise that overall makes the drone a must-have.

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Holy Stone HS720E Drone: Flight Performance

Another important factor for all smart camera drones is flight range. Basically, the farther a smart camera drone can go without any connection issues or interruption, the more valuable they become for advanced aerial photography and footage.

The Holy Stone HS720E drone can be flown up to 3,280 feet using a remote controller. However, if you are piloting this drone in FPV mode then the maximum range is 1,640 feet. While it is not a big improvement over its predecessor, the transmitter has been upgraded to a 5G signal.

Holy Stone HS720E Drone Range

This allows better reliability when flying the Holy Stone HS720E drone at a great distance without any connection issues. In exchange, it makes your whole flight experience enjoyable and worry-free knowing that you are flying a state-of-art drone.

The battery provides up to 23 minutes of flight time per charge. But the actual amount of flight time you will get to fly with this camera drone is approximately 20 to 21 minutes. It’s definitely a small downgrade from the Holy Stone HS720 drone which delivers 26 minutes of flight time.

Additionally, the Holy Stone HS720E drone weights 1.09 Lbs which provides a layer of wind resistance. This means the drone will be able to handle moderate to heavy winds with ease, a perfect performance choice by design for remote pilots who want to fly outdoor with ease.

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Holy Stone HS720E Drone: Remote Controller

Beginners and recreational remote pilots who are looking for a drone that’s easy to fly will absolutely love the Holy Stone HS720E. Two reasons, first this camera drone is equipped with GPS + GLONASS system which delivers precise hovering.

Toy drones do not have this feature and hence that’s why they are harder to control because you have to adjust their stability manually. Everything is done automatically with Holy Stone HS720E which makes it absolutely a breeze to fly.

Holy Stone HS720E Remote Controller

As I mentioned previously, the Holy Stone HS720E comes with an upgraded remote controller which is equipped with a 5G Wi-Fi signal for faster and precise response. Piloting this camera drone is simple, easy, and responsive even at long distances.

The Holy Stone HS720E drone uses an optical flow and smart barometric system that measures air pressure and adjusts automatically as it flies over the landscape, which keeps the height level the same for simplicity. At the same time, it is able to keep the drone in the same place when hovering which means beginners only have to focus on piloting it.

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Holy Stone HS720E Drone: Camera Quality

One of the biggest upgrades that the Holy Stone HS720E drone has introduced is improved camera specifications and performance. If you originally owned the Holy Stone HS720 drone. Then you might want to consider upgrading to Holy Stone HS720E (or DJI Mini 2 — one of the best consumer-friendly drones for beginners with powerful camera specifications). The Holy Stone HS720E comes with a built-in camera that can capture and record videos in 4K UHD resolution quality.

Holy Stone HS720E Drone Features

Just like the original Holy Stone HS720 drone, the HS720E utilizes a gimbal stabilizer that reduces shakiness to deliver precise and smooth footage for the best viewing experience. Although, the new Holy Stone HS720E is equipped with advanced electric imaging stabilization. This camera technology automatically integrates footage using algorithms to deliver precise images and videos.

Because the Holy Stone HS720E records and store 4K UHD stills/videos, the memory size of these files tend to be large. Therefore, I highly recommend you to purchase a 64GB micro SD card to go with this drone so that these files can be store directly onto them. If you are an avid aerial photographer and want the best camera quality. The upgraded Holy Stone HS720E drone will be a better choice for you.

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Holy Stone HS720E Drone: Features

Our in-depth Holy Stone HS720E review isn’t completed without talking about the features that this camera drone has to offer. If that’s anything it has to bring to the table, it is the smart features. In fact, the Holy Stone HS720E drone is capable of performing intelligent flight modes.

Which means it can perform 360-degree video autonomously. If you are going out for a walk, you can set this drone to follow anywhere you go which makes a great third-person camera view for footage. Along with these intelligent flight modes, this camera drone also can perform tap fly with a push of your finger on the phone screen.

Holy Stone HS720E Drone Design and Build

Safety functionality is also another important core feature that all drones come with. But the Holy Stone HS720E drone is equipped with a smart return to home function. This means if you lose sight of the camera drone and don’t know where it is located.

All you have to do is press smart return to home and it will automatically recall the drone to the home point. The camera also can be controlled remotely using the remote controller and your smartphone as an alternative option. This camera drone is truly packed with tons of features for both beginners and recreational remote pilots.

Holy Stone HS720E Review
Holy Stone HS720E Review: Best 4K Smart Camera Drone

Holy Stone HS720E Review: Best 4K Smart Camera Drone

One of the best 4K smart camera drones to check out right now is the Holy Stone HS720E. This sturdy foldable camera …
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Why Should You Buy Holy Stone HS720E Drone?

Holy Stone HS720E Drone Design and Build

For starters and first-timers who have never flown a drone before but still want a high-quality camera drone that is affordable, the Holy Stone HS720E is a great quadcopter to learn how to fly. I highly recommend the Holy Stone HS720E because unlike toy drones and quadcopters under $300, the Holy Stone Hs720E is by far one of the toughest birds.

It is made with high-quality material that uses aluminum for exceptional protection and improves durability. As a beginner, you will make a few stumbles before you get the basics of flight controls. At the price tag that the Holy Stone HS720E drone has to offer, it comes with two batteries (three batteries if you buy a Fly More Combo kit) that extend the total flight time to 46 minutes. Plus this drone has an impressive remote control distance of up to 1,000 meters.

One of the main advantages that the Holy Stone HS720E drone has over its main competitors such as the Potensic D68 and DEERC D15 drone is the fact that this quadcopter weighs slightly more. Which makes the Holy Stone HS720E drone incredibly wind-resistant up to level 7 wind speed. This makes the whole flight experience simple, smooth and engaging for beginners who want to enjoy nature and get the most out of flying outside.

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Why Holy Stone HS720E Drone is Best for Beginners?

Holy Stone HS720E Drone Features

Granted, there are so many smart camera drones to choose from. But nothing of them stands out the most compared to the Holy Stone HS720E drone. For beginners and recreational remote pilots, they will love the fact that this drone is equipped with a GPS module. Which enables autonomous flights through the use of intelligent flight modes. Unlike its predecessor, Holy Stone HS720, the successor comes with enhanced intelligent flight modes and safety functions.

First of all, the GPS module allows the Holy Stone HS720E drone to achieve precise positioning. Which eliminates the need to maintain stability manually. Regardless of your flight experience, this foldable camera drone is the perfect quadcopter for learning how to fly and to master the basics of aerial photography. With a built-in 4K UHD camera that uses advanced electronic imaging stabilization (EIS), it takes your whole flying experience to a new level.

Over time as you build your piloting and photography skill level. You can switch to Sports Mode (or Speed Mode) to experience the Holy Stone HS720E drone’s true flight performance. Eventually, you will upgrade to better and professional camera drones such as DJI Mavic Air 2 and Phantom 4 Pro. Overall, the Holy Stone HS720E drone is a flying beast that comes packed with great performance, range, and flight time. Don’t forget to register this drone with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as it weighs more than 0.55 lbs.

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Holy Stone HS720E Alternatives

Holy Stone HS720E Drone Guide

If for some reason you decided that the Holy Stone HS720E drone isn’t the best fit. Don’t worry about that, there are plenty of great-quality drones to choose from. Below is a list of popular drone alternatives to the Holy Stone HS720E and I think you will find the perfect quadcopter in one of them:

And that’s all folks! I hope you find our informative guide on how to deck out your Holy Stone HS720E drone helpful. If you have any questions about this foldable camera drone, let us know in the comment section below. Stay tuned for more drone news, reviews, guides, and deals at Dronesfy. Happy flying and fly smart!

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Holy Stone HS720E and Holy Stone HS720: What’s The Difference?

You are probably asking yourself, what’s the difference between Holy Stone HS720 and Holy Stone HS720E. If you are looking to buy one of these big drones. Then you might want to consider the differences between these two big Holy Stone drones. First of all, the Holy Stone HS720 is a great drone for beginners who wants to fly longer and stay on the budget. It doesn’t have built-in electric image stabilization technology or any camera improvements that the Holy Stone HS720E drone does.

Holy Stone HS720 vs Holy Stone HS720E

Though, it is a very decent big drone with 26 minutes flight time. This is probably what most beginners and recreational remote pilots will absolutely love to start with. However, the Holy Stone HS720E drone comes with a few upgrades of its own — which makes it quite better than its predecessor. The Holy Stone HS720 EIS drone is equipped with imaging stabilization technology. Which eliminates most of the shakiness that you see on the video footage.

This allows the Holy Stone HS720E drone to deliver precise and clear footage that your audience will absolutely love to see. The downside is that the upgraded drone only has a maximum flight time of 23 minutes. While it is not that much, the HS720E GPS drone is a solid pick for anyone who wants to have faster maximum flight speed, enhanced flight safety, and improved camera quality at the cost of a slightly higher price tag.

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Holy Stone HS720E Review: Conclusion

To wrap our Holy Stone HS720E drone review, this is one of the hottest drones out there right now. It comes with a good amount of flight time, stellar flight range, a ton of features, and ease of control. If you are just starting off and want an easy drone to get started, this is a really good drone to buy.

Holy Stone HS720E Review

Personally, I like the Holy Stone HS720E drone because it is slightly heavier compared to DJI Mavic Mini. That said, the Holy Stone HS720E has better wind resistance which means you can fly the drone higher and not have to worry about it being blown away.

Furthermore, this camera drone comes with tons of upgrades like improved camera quality, image stabilization, and enhanced signal connection. My friends who bought it isn’t disappointed at all. They all highly recommend the Holy Stone HS720E drone. Read our top 7 skyrocketing reasons on why you should buy Holy Stone HS720E GPS drone.

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