DJI New Camera Drone is Mavic Mini 2

DJI recently filed a FCC filing for a new camera drone, which turns out to be a Mavic Mini 2 drone. The world-class leading drone industry sometimes gives a generic name in their FCC filing. In this case, we do not have the actual model of the Mavic Mini 2 drone. Instead, DJI decided to call this foldable quadcopter “Camera Drone”.

Looking at the information and renderings submitted in the FCC application does look like a DJI Mavic Mini 2 drone! And we are very excited about this because that means the DJI Mavic Mini 2 drone is going to arrive very soon in a matter of weeks. If you haven’t checked out or want to know more information about this drone’s specifications, head over here to learn more.

DJI Mavic Mini 2 FCC Filing

Just like the original Mavic Mini drone, the rear battery door configuration is similar to the brand new camera drone. It also utilizes battery contact and built-in locking mechanism. In the rear, there is a microSD card slot and USB connector which is in the same place as the original Mavic Mini drone. But there is a small difference, the new camera drone uses USB-C.

What’s Different in the new Mavic Mini 2?

Believe it or not, there are quite a few changes in the new Mavic Mini 2 drone. Scroll down to learn more about the new changes and what to expect out of these improvements.

Frequency Change

The first thing that we noticed in the FCC filings was the frequency change. The original Mavic Mini operates using 5.8GHz frequency to the remote controller. The new camera drone uses both 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz frequency. So, why is this different?

For starters, 5.8GHz is the fastest signal but comes with short operating distance. The 2.4GHz isn’t fast compared to 5.8GHz but comes with a much bigger remote control distance. This allows you to fly the drone over a great distance compared to said FPV camera drones. The 2.4GHz frequency has a broad spectrum that allows the transmission to be optimized.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

None of these Mavic Series use Bluetooth Low Energy feature. So the Mavic Mini 2 will be the first drone to use this technology. What does that mean for us as a remote pilot? We think this means the new camera drone can be controlled by your smartphone at a very short distance. It also could mean that the bluetooth technology gives you the ability to drop files to your smartphone

Upgraded Battery

According to the FCC filing, the Mavic Mini 2 will come with an upgraded battery. The new drone battery is packed with 7.7V compared to the original Mavic Mini drone which has 7.2V. We think the Mavic Mini 2 drone will have longer flight time which is both promising and exciting for us.

Mavic Mini 2 Drone Conclusion

DJI Mavic Mini 2 Rumors

When is the Mavic Mini 2 drone coming out? DJI has filed FCC filing for this camera drone recently and it has been one year since the original Mavic Mini drone came out. With this information, we can expect the Mavic Mini 2 drone to become available sometimes around mid-November to early January.

That being said, the news of Mavic Mini 2 drone is on loose on the internet and fans are clamoring about it. If you haven’t checked out what specifications to expect for the Mavic Mini 2 drone, head over here to learn more and decide if this is the foldable camera drone that you would like to invest your money in.

What do you think of this brand new camera drone? Let us know by commenting below. Stay tuned for more drone news and deals at Dronesfy. Happy flying and fly smart!

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