Best Black Friday 2022 Drone Deals

Get ready for November the 25th…Black Friday is almost there and it’s the perfect time to stock up on gifts for the holiday season. Tech items often have great deals during Black Friday and drones are no exception.

Drones can make a great gift for pilots of all ages and skill levels and are sure to make anyone excited when they open one up.

If you’re shopping for a drone for Black Friday, but you’re confused about which one is right for you, we’ve created this list of drones to help you out.

From budget options, to professional picks the best drone for you or someone in your life is on this list. We collected a short list of the Top 3 Best Black Friday 2022 Drone Deals.

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    Sanrock U52 (Best low-budget drone)

    One of the best toy drones to buy right now for beginners is the Sanrock U52 and that’s why we’ve included it in our best black friday 2022 drone deals. This entry-level drone comes packed with a 720P HD camera and a battery that provides a flight time up to 13 minutes. If you are looking around to buy the best toy quadcopter right now, the Sanrock U52 drone is definitely one of our top picks.

    Entry-level drones like the Sanrock U52 are awesome for beginners because they are affordable and provide the training that you need to learn how to fly. These drones have become more and more easy to fly thanks to smart and responsive remote controllers.

    Read our full review of the Sanrock U52 here.

    Sanrock U52 Drone
    Sanrock U52 Drone

    Holy Stone HS720E (Best Value For Money Drone)

    One of the best 4K smart camera drones to check out right now is the Holy Stone HS720E. This sturdy foldable camera drone comes with a major camera upgrade, longer flight time, and several new features over its predecessor, the Holy Stone HS720 and that’s why we’ve included it in our best black friday 2022 drone deals.

    If you are looking for a smart camera drone that can record footage at 4K resolution quality without image vibration and a flight time long enough for you to capture stunning aerial shots at an affordable price tag. Beginners and new drone pilots looking for a high-quality foldable quadcopter that is easy to fly can withstand rough impacts, and comes with tons of features for the bang of bucks will definitely love the Holy Stone HS720E drone.

    Read our full review of the Holy Stone HS720E here.

    Holy Stone HS720E Drone
    Holy Stone HS720E

    DJI Mini 3 Pro (Best Black Friday Deal)

    The best drone deal for those who do not have or want more then $1.000 of money to spend on a drone is this one. DJI brings the Mini 3 Pro, a foldable and under 250 g drone, that’s the size of your palm, and doesn’t require FAA registration and that’s why we’ve included it in our best black friday 2022 drone deals

    The DJI Mini 3 Pro has a 48 megapixel camera with a 1/1.3-inch sensor and can capture images in up to 4K resolution at 60 frames per second or in HDR at 30 frames per second. Photos are up to 48MP and can be shot in RAW format. The camera of the Mini 3 Pro is therefore very close to that of the larger Mavic Air 2.

    Read our full review of the DJI Mini 3 Pro here.

    DJI Mini 3 Pro
    DJI Mini 3 Pro

    Black Friday Deals Frequently Asked Questions

    When is Black Friday 2022?

    Black Friday 2022 is on Friday, November 25, 2022.

    Where can I buy drones for Black Friday?

    Drones will be available to buy online from retailers such as Amazon as well as in-stores at retailers such as Best Buy.

    Where can I find Black Friday deals?

    Retailers often announce their Black Friday deals and specials sometime in November shortly before Thanksgiving. You can search for them online or subscribe to email lists to be the first to know about Black Friday deals and discounts.

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